Alicia Etheredge Net Worth, career, and more!

Alicia Etheredge Net Worth: In the American entertainment industry, Alicia Etheredge is a household name. You can find that her wealth is quite substantial. Robert Barisford Brown, commonly known as Bobby Brown, is a famous American hip-hop singer to whom she is married. They are one of the most talked-about couples in the country because of all the times they have been spotted out in public together.

Etheredge became Brown’s manager and life event coordinator after the couple wed in 2012. Since they engaged in illegal activity as a couple, the husband and wife have been the subject of constant scrutiny in their careers. Alicia Etheredge Net Worth was penalized for his previous legal offenses. The famous wife has a successful job and benefits from her husband’s fame.

Early Years:

Alicia Etheredge made her debut in Culver City, California, on December 21, 1973. She graduated from Howard University and is quite proud of her alma mater. In other words, she completed her education there. Her ancestors have a long history of business success. Kim, her sister, co-founded the Mixed Chicks hair care line with her brother Justin, who works in the film industry. The two of her siblings share her beauty and talent. Some of Alicia Etheredge Net Worth pastimes are traveling, dancing, and riding his bike.


It was in 2012 when American producer Alicia Etheredge-Brown became the second wife of actor, singer, and dancer Bobby Brown. She was born in Culver City and now makes her home in the Los Angeles area. Culver City, California, United States, is where she spent her formative years on December 21st, 1973. When it came time for Alicia to earn her degree, she chose Howard University. Alicia Etheredge Net Worth is the careers of several famous people, including the former NBA player Magic Johnson and the R&B singer Macy Gray.


Alicia stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) and weighs 132 pounds, all of which are very normal for a woman of her age (60kg). Her eyes are a deep brown, and her hair is black as night. Alicia was born and raised in Culver City, California. She is the latest in a long line of prosperous entrepreneurs. Sister Kim is a co-founder of the Mixed Chicks hair care line, while brother Justin works in the film sector. Mixed Chicks is Alicia’s brand of hair care products.

Who Is Alicia Etheredge?

Alicia Etheredge is the widow of the late American actor Bobby Brown and works as a producer, manager, and businesswoman. Brown and Whitney Houston worked together. Etheredge has produced numerous programs on television, including The Real, The Insider, and Outside’s Atn. Alicia Etheredge Net Worth is a talented career manager, and he counts celebrities like Bobby Brown as clients. Robert “Bobby” Brown is a multitalented performer in the United States of America. His American producer second wife is named Alicia Etheredge. The man who manages him, Etheredge, is also his boss.

How Old Is Alicia Etheredge?

Alicia Etheredge Brown into the world on December 21, 1973. The year 2022 will mark her 49th year on this planet. Seemingly, she has a normal height. She is 34 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 35 inches long. She wears size six shoes. She is roughly 60 kg in weight and 170 centimeters in height. Her eyes are dark cocoa brown, and her hair is pitch black. Alicia also decided to do the right thing morally. She and her husband run Bobby Brown Foods.

Alicia Etheredge Net Worth:

Alicia Etheredge was a famous client manager who handled the careers of celebrities and other well-known people. In 2008, she joined Bobby Brown’s management team. She had previously collaborated with well-known figures from the worlds of athletics, art, and entertainment, such as Macy Gray and Magic Johnson. Etheredge also creates shows for the small screen. She’s been a production assistant for many shows, including Insider (2004) and Outsider (2007). (2008). Additionally, she has appeared on “The Real” (2013) due to concerns for their privacy.

Who Is Alicia Etheredge’s Husband?

Now officially married are Alicia Etheredge and Bobby Brown. Bobby, who was only 18 then, was a young man. Initially, they became close friends, but eventually, they drifted apart. In 1992, at her husband’s wedding to Whitney Houston, she next appeared in public. Her marriage ended in 2007 due to the effects of her uncultured lifestyle, which included sex, drugs, romances, and undesired turmoil. Due to her continued drug use, Houston tragically passed away in 2009. Brown started dating Alicia Etheredge after his divorce and finally proposed to her.


American Alicia Etheredge Net Worth producer. In 2012, she became the second woman to marry actor, singer, and dancer Bobby Brown. She has managed the careers of many well-known people, including NBA player Magic Johnson and R&B singer Macy Gray, in addition to his. In addition, she has produced a substantial number of TV shows during her career. The woman has three children, a boy and two beautiful daughters, and her husband often praises her in public.


How Much Money Is Bobby Brown Alicia Etheredge Net Worth Right Now?

By October 2022, Bobby Brown’s net worth is expected to have increased to $2 million. Bobby Brown, born Robert “Bobby” Barisford Brown, is an American R&B singer.

Was Teddy Riley Married To Alicia Etheredge Net Worth?

If so, when did Teddy Riley and Alicia Etheredge get married? Teddy and Alicia had a romantic relationship before she married Bobby Brown, but they never got married.

How Much Is R Kelly Still Alicia Etheredge Net Worth?

Kelly is estimated to have a net worth of around $-2 million in October 2022. His wealth has been decimated directly by numerous legal cases and problems.

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