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Ant Anstead net worth: Englishman Ant Anstead is a TV host, car constructor, designer, and artist who has amassed a net worth of $5 million. Ant Anstead entered the world in March 1979 in Plymouth, Devon, England. Among his many accomplishments, his co-hosting job with Philip Glenister on Channel 4’s “For the Love of Cars” is undoubtedly his most well-known.

That same year, Anstead became a co-host of Wheeler Dealers alongside Mike Brewer (2017). In addition to being a motor expert and TV host, he is also an English painter, novelist, car function Object, and designer. During his time co-hosting the Channel 4 car show.

An estimate puts Ant Anstead’s wealth at roughly $5 million, as reported by celebrity ant Anstead. Anstead is a popular TV host, artist, designer, and car maker. For the Love of Cars, the TV show he co-hosts with Philip Glenister is where he has gained the most notoriety. He joined Wheeler Dealers as a co-host in 2017, working alongside Mike Brewer. As a bonus, Anstead played soccer at a semi-professional level for 15 years.

Car Show Host Accuses Ex-Wife:

Ant Anstead’s rise to fame began with his co-hosting of the Channel 4 show For the Love of Cars with Philip Glenister. Ant’s relationship with his then-girlfriend, now ex-wife Christina Hall, was the subject of intense media attention following his spectacular rise to fame as a television personality. On the HGTV show “Christina on the Coast,” the couple was featured. The marriage did nothing for him, but it did make him a popular topic of conversation on the internet. Recent media attention has been.

Although ant Anstead has numerous interests and abilities, his love of cars is what has made him famous. He had been planning and building cars long before getting behind the wheel. Plymouth, Devon, England, is the place of birth for Ant, who is now 44 years old. A while later, he packed up his family and moved to Hertfordshire. Since leaving Channel 4, Ant has hosted several other entertainment shows, including “The One Show,” “This Morning,” “Sunday Brunch,” and “Building Cars Live,” as well.

Ant Anstead and Christina were thrust back into the spotlight after he filed a supplemental declaration accusing his ex-wife of exploiting their son Hudson. According to an article in In Touch magazine, Ant has claimed that he “compelled” his son to appear on Christina’s reality TV shows and that he “exploited” his son in advertisements. Christina, however, denied the claims and answered that her ex-husband had always been fine with their child being in movies. According to Christina’s attorney, Christina’s ex-husband “repeatedly urged his ex-wife to allow.

What Is Ant Anstead’s Net Worth?

A large part of ant Anstead endeavors stem from his lifelong fascination with cars and his extensive experience in the auto industry. The future show’s lead actor joined the police force when he was only 23. Later in life, he followed his passions for writing and performing and also worked as a car designer and function Object() { [native code] }. His first book is titled “Cops and Robbers The Story of the British Police Car,” and his second is “Petrol Head Parenting How to.


  • While stationed in Welwyn Garden City with the Tactical Firearms Team, he was among the youngest armed officers in British history.
  • His wife is Louise, and they were married from 2005 to 2017. They have two kids of their own.
  • He married an HGTV star, real estate, ant Anstead in 2018.
  • He took up Wheeler Dealers from Edd China.

How Rich Is Ant Anstead?

Anthony Richard “Ant” Anstead is a vehicle specialist, designer, and TV personality from England. He goes by the full name of Anthony Richard Anstead. Among his many television appearances, his time spent hosting “For the Love of Cars” with Philip Glenister and Wheeler Dealers stands out. The popularity of these two series has helped him gain widespread recognition. By 2022, Ant Anstead’s net worth would have increased to somewhere about.

Renée Zellweger, an actress with a $90 million and anstead net worth, is significantly wealthier than her actor boyfriend, Ant Anstead, who is worth only $5 million. She is estimated to be worth $90 million (per Celebrity Net Worth). A Screen Actors Guild Award nomination came Zellweger’s way for the first time in 1996 for her role in Tom Cruise’s film Jerry Maguire. This was her first nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award, and she was up for Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role. She had a supporting role in a 2000 film.

Early Life:

On March 28th, 1979, Anstead entered this world. He was born in Plymouth, Devon, England. Moving to Hertfordshire when he was ten allowed him to finish his formal education at the prestigious Richard Hale School and Haileybury School. You may find both of these educational institutions in Hertfordshire. He completed his formal education and immediately enlisted in the Hertfordshire Constabulary, the territorial police agency responsible for preserving law and order throughout Hertfordshire. He did two of them as a police officer.


English TV host, automobile constructor, designer, and artist Ant Anstead is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. Ant Anstead was born in March of 1979 in Plymouth, Devon, England. For the Love of Cars, an auto-themed TV show on Channel 4, which he co-hosted with Philip Glenister, is where he made his name. In 2017, Anstead joined Mike Brewer on the co-host team of the television show Wheeler Dealers. The TV show Building Cars featured him as a presenter.


Where did ant Anstead net worth get his money?

Anstead left the police force in 2005 to become a car manufacturer. He then moved on to constructing and restoring automobiles for customers and creating unique models from scratch.

Are Ant Anstead and Renee still together?

Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead first met on the set of Celebrity IOU Joyride in 2021. Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead might have seemed.

Does Ant Anstead pay child support to Christina?

Former couple Christina Haack and Ant Anstead are on the same page regarding their 2-year-old son, Hudson London.

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