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Craig Ranch Regional Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada, was previously a golf course but is now a park of 170 acres. It was built on what was once a golf course. It’s also reachable by State Route 573, also known as the United States, which is home to a 100-hectare expanse of green space. You may find it by heading west off U.S. Route 93 and turning onto either Craig Road or Commerce Street as the Great Basin Highway. Historically, a golf course called Craig Ranch Golf Course stood in its current location. The plan to build the park began in 2006. We’ll go into greater detail about these concerns in the paragraphs that Craig ranch regional park.

History of Craig Ranch Regional Park:

They were starting in 2009 and finishing in 2013, scarcity publicly accessible. In 1962, on what was then called the Craig Ranch Golf Course, construction began on the clubhouse preventing the area from being developed for any other purpose. The present-day structure sits on top of what was once a golf course. .Clark County agreed to lend the city $9.5 million in 2020.

December to expand the parks:

The southeastern section with six new athletic fields, trees, playgrounds, dog parks, and walkways in Craig Ranch took a severe beating during February 2021 due to the strong winds generated by the preceding rainstorm. The typhoon caused the high winds that were experienced there. As a result, the park was closed for the foreseeable future while repairs were made. And the city council gave its approval in 2007. T


The park’s playgrounds may be located around the southern perimeter, close to the ponds. Many gardens can be found in Craig Ranch Regional Park. In addition to its grassy fields and walks, the park has several civic facilities, including a theatre and three dog parks. Skate Park is 65,000 square feet for anyone interested in exercising. For an annual fee of $150, park visitors can reserve one of 62 garden plots in the park’s communal garden via the park’s administrative office.

If you desire this event:

You can refine your search by using the filters at the top of the page to find more relevant results. Specify whether you are only looking for weekend listings or if there is a specific day, location, or time you would like to see posted, e.g., The list of related links on the right side of this page features highly-rated events that you may find interesting, and tickets for the events that will take place at Craig Ranch Park can be purchased online.

These interactive parks were designed:

Craig Ranch Regional Park if you want to attend but don’t feel like leaving the house. Quickly hone in on precisely what you need with the help of the numerous filtering choices and up-to-date pricing data given here as part of our extensive vendor network. With devices in mind, users on any device will enjoy the smooth scrolling and applicable section breakers on tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. The park also features some other conveniences, like dog play areas. Among the many things built in Craig Ranch Park

Craig ranch regional park Nature Park:

Red-eared slider turtles were spotted in Craig Ranch Regional Park in May of 2021, joining the Canada geese and mallard ducks that have frequented the park’s ponds for years. A common theory holds that the turtles were either released from homes as pets or are locals who have found this because turtles are sporadic sightings in North Las Vegas. Craig Ranch Park spans over 170 acres and is home to a 65,000-square-foot skate park, four municipal plazas, three dog parks, and two illuminated competitive baseball fields.

Events in Craig Ranch Regional Park:

Throughout the year, the Craig Ranch plays host to a slew of festivals that pay tribute to all manner of musical and theatrical expression. Visitors travel from all over the world to take part in these celebrations. These events occur at irregular intervals all through the year. All of these parties and festivities will take place at the Craig Ranch. These parties’ dates, locations, and hours are all over the calendar, spread out like confetti events, including Las Vegas Pride, the Pirate Fest, and the Slides and Rides.

Craig Ranch Regional Park in Gathering:

A rock and roll festival will also be held. All these things and more will happen at once during the upcoming event. Las Vegas, Nevada, will serve as the setting for all these summits and their host city. It was already decided that both events would take place in Las Vegas and serve as the host city for the festivities. Las Vegas, Nevada,Las Vegas Journal.

Craig Ranch’s championship 18-hole course:

There is a championship golf course in Craig Ranch Regional Park in the county. It is our newspaper, and we say this: far from where Craig Road and Commerce Street meet. To acquire what was formerly known as the Craig Ranch Golf Course, the city used funds made available by the Southern Nevada Lands Management Act, which ended any hope of its construction. Of course, both Apgar and Blake are cited as sources. A county grant will allow for long-overdue improvements to Craig Ranch Regional Park.

The National Parks and Recreation Association:

It is traditional to refer to the park by its official name, Craig Ranch Regional Park. The official name of the park is Craig Ranch Regional Park. This municipality is referred to by its official name, North Las Vegas, and more information regarding the city may be found on this page.

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How do visitors know what resources are at their disposal?

Craig Ranch Regional Park offers access to various services and amenities. Parking spaces are open and paved.

What will the Craig Ranch Regional Park initially provide, and when will that be?

Please note that Craig Ranch Regional Park is open to the public only on the following days and times: from Sunday through Saturday.

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